Elevate Your Vision, Transform Your Perspective

At Khandoba Aerial Innovation, we soar above limits, bringing cutting-edge drone solutions to redefine industries and capture the world from new heights. Our comprehensive suite of services spans across precision agriculture, industrial solutions, cinematography, mapping, surveying, disaster management, and mining.


From Sky to Soil: Drones are Revolutionizing Farming

Experience the agricultural revolution from the sky to the soil. Our drones bring precision and innovation to farming practices, transforming the way crops are monitored, cultivated, and harvested for a more efficient and sustainable future



At Khandoba Aerial Innovation, our strength lies in the passion and expertise of our dedicated team. We are a collective of professionals driven by a shared commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of innovation in the realm of aerial solutions.

Vishal gaikwad

Creative Director

Whether you’re a farmer looking to revolutionize agriculture practices or an industry leader seeking cutting-edge inspection solutions, Khandoba Aerial Innovation is here for you. Join us on this journey of innovation, where the sky is not the limit, but the starting point.


We currently operate in the Maharashtra region and some other states in India. Please contact for more details.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

“Khandoba Aerial Innovation transformed our farming practices. Their precision agriculture services led to data-driven decisions, increasing yields and efficiency. A true game-changer for our farm!”

Ashutosh Talekar

“Khandoba’s industrial solutions set a new standard for safety and efficiency. From power line inspections to thermal imaging, their cutting-edge technology is invaluable. Highly recommend for industrial needs.”  

Sarah TechCorp Industries

“Khandoba Aerial Innovation made our wedding unforgettable. The cinematography team brought a creative flair and captured stunning aerial footage, adding a magical touch to our special day.”

Sumit and Ruta